How to do Transition on Alight Motion? Best Guide 2024.

Top-of-line motion graphics application called Alight Motion Mod APK. This app contains multiple video transition effects that will help you in video editing. You are allowed to use these effects in your files. People of Alight Creative. Inc. developed this application. This is only the application that gives you the list of features and 2000+ fonts. Yes, all of these features are fantastic. Sometimes users are curious about how to do transition on the Alight Motion app.

how to do transition on alight motion.

You can use these features in your content creation and editing journey. Most of the experts use these transition effects to create high-quality content. Here is the ultimate guide to transition effects. You can use these transition effects and make next-level content. In short, you will be able to give a professional look to your content if you know the proper use of transition effects.

Tutorial about how to do Transition on Alight Motion.[Ultimate Guide]

Here is the step-by-step guide for the Alight Motion Tutorial.

Transition Effects.

Transitions are a portion of files it may be videos or movies that help viewers to make a difference between two scenes. If you want to make your content or movie more fantastic then you can do it just by using transitions in it. This app also gives the velocity edit feature to slow down or speed up the video clips.

Here this application provides you with many transition effects such as Transform, Smooth, Move, and visual effects. Even newbies can use these effects in their files for better performance. Sometimes these effects create suspense and tension in movies or films. Besides this, you must try to copy effects. Most of the content creators use motion blur in their social media projects.

Alight Motion Transitions.

If you are interested in Animation and Editing then you may heard the word “Transition”. If you know how to do transitions on this app that’s great, you can use any of its methods for this purpose. Presets Transition is the most popular way to do the transition. Want to give a mind-blowing look to your video? All of these effects play an important role in giving a professional look to your video projects, after that, you will see the next scene.

Presets are pre-build transitions that will appear in front of you from the app’s library. These effects may be used between two or more clips to make them more fantastic than before. If you want to present your content more attractively then the Transition tool of this editor is a good option for you in this case. Smooth transition tools are also present in a wide range of editing software.

Easy Guide on how to do Transition on Alight Motion Mod APK

I think you want to do the transition in this app and worry about the complete process. Here I am along with the complete instructions that will help you in doing transitions.

  • First, you have to open this application on your Android and then Tap on “Add media”. After that add images according to your file size to this app.
  • Now you have to add a transition for each image. Click on your desired images to add a transition.
  • Animate your video and you have to preview it before exporting.
  • If you want to change an element in your files, change it and then export it to your desired quality.
  • Congrats you have successfully made the fantastic transition with this vector graphics editor.

Important tips for transition.

  • If you are an editor or animation expert then you must know transition is an important constituent of the videos.
  • You should use the same transition effects in your videos. This is only the option that causes flow together.
  • Transition is only the key that makes a difference between the two scenes.
  • You have to use dissolve sparingly and it only can be distracting and fleshy for viewers.
  • You can create group layers in this editor.
  • Use text animation if you want a next-level Alight Motion project.

Highly Used Alight Motion Transition Effects.

Here is a list of transition effects which is a gift for Alight Motion users.

StretchYou can create an effective transition view by stretching the first clip and then adding up to the second clip.
Color FlashBetween two clips transition produced by adding color flash.
StrobeIf you want change in the scene, you have to add intensity by rapid flickering
Pixel SortWhen pixels are not properly arranged between clips then it results in a distorted transition
Light leakThis transition enhances light leaking and can give a dramatic view.
DissolveThis can be called classic effect transition. After using this, one clip fades in and the second clip fades out.
SwipeIf you are a dynamic effect lover then this transition effect is for you. It reveals clip after verticle and horizontal movement. This is used to create engaging content.
IrisThis transition works like a camera aperture when it opens and closes to reveal the next clip.
Fade This can be called classic effect transition. After using this, one clip fade in and the second clip fades out.
SpinBy this transition, you can create a dynamic effect. In this one clip is spun to reveal another.

Frequently Asked Questions

Way to do Transition Edits on Alight Motion?

You can transition in this app just by following the above instructions.

Does Alight Motion have effects?

Yes why, not? This application offers you many effects to use in your project.

Is Alight Motion Best for Editing?

This is one of the life-changing tools for those who are interested in editing and Animation.


There are tons of editing tools in the market and day by day also new coming. Some are the Kinemaster, Filmora, and Capcut. Besides these Alight Motion APK is one of the best motion graphics applications. This app is well-designed for newbies. I hope now you have proper knowledge about how to do transition on Alight Motion [Free Downlaod]. As a photo editor, this app also gives you a chroma key feature.

This single app provides you with multiple features along with different transition effects. You are allowed to use these effects in your files and make them next-level content. Most experts use this application and make their content more attractive. You can use this app on iOS.

Have any queries? Reach out to me.

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