5 Best Video Editors for Android Without Watermark 2024

As you know today is an era of Social media everyone is trying to create quality content for their social pages. Now smartphones have become more powerful than before. Now you can edit your videos easily on your mobile phone. There are several best editors for Android.

Some are present on Playstore and some are missing. Some of these apps charge small amounts for their premium features. Presenting a selection of the best video editors for Android apps. You can edit your project like a professional with these apps. Most of the experts use these applications to create next-level content.

Best video editors

No doubt you can also boost your editing journey with these applications. All of these are perfectly designed. The interface of all these applications is quite normal and simple even a newbie can understand them easily and can use them with no watermark. All of these are best for Android in 2024.

Compilation of Outstanding Android Video Editing Apps [Free]

Here, I have showcased the finest best video editing apps for Android without watermark free.

Alight Motion Mod APK.

This is one of the best motion graphics applications. Alight motion is created by the people in Alight Creative. Inc. The users of this application are near about 10 million and that is increasing day by day. You are allowed to use this application on Android, iOS, and PC for free. This single application contains several features. This is the best video editor for Android.

Some of them are Visual Effects, Shadow Effects, and Export High quality (This feature is mind-blowing. Because, in some other editing apps, it feels very bad you can’t export your important files in good quality). Support XML, Multiple layer graphics, 2000+ fonts, and keyframes. All of these features are updated. You are allowed to use these features in your videos. It merits acknowledgment as a leading watermark-free video editing app for Android if you are a beginner in the field of editing then this application is a good option for you. You can use it with no watermark.

System Requirements.

If you want high performance of Alight Motion Mod APK then make sure your device meets the following requirements.

AndroidWant the best performance? Use 7.0 or higher Version. You can also go for 6.0
iOSFor iOS it should be 14.4 for better performance
StorageIt should be 200MB
RAMRecommended is 3GB.


If you are a newbie in editing or want to learn something new related to editing then VN is a good option for you. VN is one of the top-line free video editors for Android users. By using this editor you can export your files without any watermark. Any type of advertisement will not disturb you when you are editing your files. This editor contains quite a simple and user-friendly interface.

This software consists of a clean UI. You are allowed to use filters of this software in your videos. You can trim, split, or add video clips to your content by using this software. If you
are a music lover. Listen, this software contains a music library that consists of several sound effects.

System Requirements

If you want to run smoothly VN editor, then your device must fulfill the following requirements.

SystemIt should be Microsoft Windows 7 or above.
Hard Disk Drive5GB Free Disk Space ( For Better Performance).
ProcessorAMD Processor or Intel.
RAM4GB for best Performance.

Kinemaster-Professional Video Editor.

This software stands out as a widely recognized video editing application. Most professional video editors or designers use this application. This single application provides you with several features. Yes, you are allowed to use these features in your content. This software is normally professional from the Alight Motion. This is the best video editing app without a watermark for Android.

kinemaster modapk

This application contains a simple interface. It’s not a bad choice if you start your editing journey with this app. This app contains multiple features. Some are the trimming, splitting, and chroma keys. This application enables you to alter or replace the background of your videos. Some experts also suggest this software for video editing. You can use it with no watermark.

System Requirements

AndroidIt must be 5.0 or higher.
StorageEnough Storage and Space (Size of APP is 6MB)
Internet ConnectionMake sure you are using Supportive Internet Connection.
PCStorage Disk Space must be 100GB


The most renowned app for creating vlogs is called VLLO. This is also considered the favorite editing tool for Android users. You are allowed to edit any type of video by using this application. Another noteworthy feature of this software is the ability to export files without any watermarks, and there are no intrusive ads during the editing process.

Villo editor

This software allows you to modify your video’s dimensions. In this, you are allowed to use custom sizes or ratios for your content. Using this application, you can incorporate sound effects into your files. Besides this, you can do voice-over with this app. You can use it without a watermark.

System Requirements

VLLO can give you the best performance if your device follows these given requirements.

AndroidAndroid Version should be 5.0 or above.
PCMicrosoft Windows 7 or above for better results.
ProcessorAMD processor or Intel.
RAMIt should be 2GB for better performance.


Action camera company developed the best handy tool called Quik. This ranks among the top watermark-free video editors available for Android. I know it feels bad when you export your project with a watermark. Any file containing a watermark looks unprofessional. Thus by using this software, you can easily export projects without any watermark.

Quick apk

This editing software provides you with presets. These are pre-built video templates. You have to just drag and drop your files in these presets. This is a less time-consuming feature. With this feature, you can enhance the quality of your content.

System Requirements.

WindowWindow 10 for better results
MACIt should be OS 10.9.X or later
CPUCore i7 or above
RAMIt should be 4GB


What is the best video editor without a watermark for Android?

Numerous video editing tools offer the option to export projects without watermarks, with Alight Motion standing out as the top choice.

Which is better VN or Alight Motion?

Both are top-line video editors. But the best one is Alight Motion. This app contains a simple interface easy to use, especially for newbies.

Is the Alight Motion Mod APK free?

Yes, it is free for Android users. You can use this app without a watermark just by purchasing its premium subscriptions.


In the whole article, I have explained the best video editors for Android without a watermark. I am fully confident that now you can make the difference between the best video editors. If you are a newbie or going to join editing then I would highly recommend you to go for Alight Motion Mod APK.

This application is completely designed with a simple interface. A newbie can run it easily. It was my suggestion for you. Besides this, you can check some other video editors of your own choice. Popular video editors are the VN, Alight Motion, Kinemaster, Filmora, and some others are also available.

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