Alight Motion vs Capcut Which is Better? Compare 2024 (Free).

As you know today is a time of modernization and Social media. Everyone wants a great repute and Popularity on social media. All of that is possible by the Great or quality content. This quality content is only produced by different software. Here are two apps Aligh Motion and Capcut for Android and iOS. Most of the users are curious about Alight Motion Vs Capcut which is better.

Alight Motion Vs Capcut

Both of these are editing tools. And both of them are easy to use. Capcut is a simple editing tool and the best one for the newbie or beginner in the field of Editing and Animation. In this tool, every feature or option is arranged in the proper sequence. It contains user user-friendly interface.

The other one is Alight Motion Mod APK. This is one of the best motion graphics applications. This single application contains multiple features. If you want to make significant motion graphic content then this app is life life-changing tool for you. Here is a complete step-by-step features comparison.

Complete Guide on Alight Motion Vs CapCut

Here is side by side feature comparison.

Export Formats.

Alight Motion Mod APK

I know how it feels when you edit your project with a lot of struggle and not being able to export in high or better formats. Then in this case this application allows you to export your project in better quality without any limitations and strict criteria. Here is the option of QR codes.

This application has the advantage of supporting a wide range of formats, including JPEG, XML, PNG, and MP4. Yes, you are allowed to export your projects into these mentioned formats. You can also share your project or data on social media. You can use this app as a Capcut alternative for Android.


This application is normally different from the above application. Thus its rules and regulations are not familiar with the above app. In this app when you finish your editing project. The option will appear for video resolution.

You are allowed to export or download your video up to 4K resolution which is not bad, it is also considered high quality. I think this is only the application that allows to export of 60 frames with 4K resolution. This application also contains mind-blowing features. Alight Motion can be used as a Capcut alternative for Android.

Video Effects.

Alight Motion.

This application offers only 140 Effects. You are allowed to use these effects in your videos. Certain effects are exclusively available in the premium version of this application. Otherwise, this is one of the best motion graphics applications.


This application is well known for its next-level video effects. It consists of 600 different effects. All of these effects are fantastic. You are allowed to use these effects in your videos and make them better than before. These effects belong to the different categories. Sometimes newbies worry about that is Capcut the best editing app.

Keyframe Animation.

Alight Motion Mod APK

One thing you need to keep in mind, if you are going to create an animation project with this application keyframes are very necessary for that purpose. A keyframe is required for creating video, film, and animation. If I say you are not able to make any type of animation project without a keyframe then I am not wrong.

You have permission to incorporate these keyframes into your videos. Besides this, you can add different elements to these frames just by selecting and then clicking on them. You can give a better view of your videos with these keyframes. You can judge all of its features when you have an idea about Alight Motion Vs CapCut


As I mentioned above this application is normally simple and easy than the above app. This app also offers the keyframe feature. You are also allowed to use these keyframes in your videos. By using these keyframes you can add up the two or more pictures or videos in the frame.

In summary, these keyframes can add a professional quality to your project. These keyframes will play an important role when you create an animated project.

Font Style.

Alight Motion.

Alight Motion contains almost 2000+ different fonts. All of these fonts are attractive. You are also allowed to use these fonts in your videos or any animation project. These fonts are free to use. Adding any font to your video can enhance its professional appearance. This feature will help you when you compare Alight Motion Vs Capcut.


No doubt this app has a good repute in the list of top editing apps. Thus Capcut also contains several fonts. You are also allowed to use these fonts in your videos. You can also import or export any of your desired fonts from the gallery.

Capcut contains different fonts such as Typer, Modern, and Barlow. Furthermore, there are additional font choices to consider. You can make your project better than before by using these fonts. You are also allowed to customize these fonts and can give the desired color to your font.

Multiple Layer Graphics.

Alight Motion.

This app contains another best features of Multiple-layer graphics. You have permission to utilize this feature as well. You will see the wide-level difference in your project when you add multiple-layer graphics. I think this is only the app that provides you multiple layer graphics along with the video editor and as well as audio editor.


This app is one of the best and simplest editing tools for newbies. Capcut enables you to add multiple layers to your videos. Besides this Capcut provides you these features such as Video splitting, Trimming, Enhancing, and Masking. You can also change and remove the video background with this app. Using this feature to make a difference in Alight Motion vs Capcut.

Visual Effect.

Alight Motion Mod APK

This app consists of several visual effects along with different building block effects. Enhancing the quality of your videos is straightforward when you apply these effects. Besides this Shadow effects are also present.

You can make next-level projects by using visual effects. The coloring feature of this app is accessible to you so you can change the color of your file.


Like the above application, Capcut also contains different video or visual effects. You are also allowed to use these effects in your videos. This app contains dreamy, retro comics, split screen, and some others are also available. Most of the experts use these effects in their content creation journey.

I hope your confusion about Alight Motion Vs Capcut is now clear. And you can select now which one is for you.


Which editor is best? Alight Motion Vs Capcut.

Both are the next-level editor. Each has specific and mind-blowing features. Capcut is a simple editing tool. Alight motion is best for motion graphics.

Which is better than Alight Motion?

If you are thinking of trying another application besides Alight Motion. There are different apps such as Vivacut video editor, Capcut, Ninja video editor and some others are also available.

Cost of Alight Motion and Capcut?

No need to worry, both are free applications. You can freely install these without incurring any costs. You can access these premium features if you download the mod versions.

Is Capcut the Best Editing App?

Yes, why not this application is easy to use. It contains multiple features and a simple interface.


I hope you have complete knowledge about Alight Motion Vs Capcut. If you worry about selection from these two apps. I suggest considering Alight Motion for your needs. Because this is the first motion graphics application that you can run on Android and PC.

This looks like professional. This means that you can easily give a professional touch to your project with this application. This single app contains several mind-blowing features. You are allowed to use these features without any restrictions.

Have any Confusion? Please feel free to reach out to me.

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